September 16-18, 2013

Hotel Sax, Chicago

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Scaling Postgres

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Experienced / Talk
September 17th 10:30 a.m. – 11:29 a.m.
OmniTI has a reputation for scalable web applications and architectures, but scaling databases has always been challenge. In the past, we have helped customers to scale their Postgres databases both horizontally and vertically and we have found that it isn't always clear to users what the trade-offs are between these two different scaling techniques.


The scalability of Postgres databases can have dramatic effect on the response time of the applications. In this talk, we will review strategies for achieving various scalability goals for applications and databases, and help guide you in deciding which methods are best for your business.

The topics of focus will be:

  • Scaling techniques
  • Read vs Write Scaling
  • Pros and Trade off for choosing Horizontal vs Vertical Scaling
  • Tools for Scaling Postgres
  • Lesson learned from our experiences